our ever-changing homeschool pt 3

So there are a couple of more things to share about our journey, and they are brutally honest.

The easiest first:
Grace wants to go to college. For years she wanted to be a governess, then an animal behavior specialist, a director of Christian education and now maybe a teacher. All very exciting options! I can’t wait to see what her future holds, what direction ends up being the best fit for her! I’m sure there are plenty of unschooling families who are completely comfortable and confident that unschooling will provide access to the collage path. We are not comfortable or confident in that choice for our family. In our state and for the schools she has expressed interest, we will need to record hours, credits, and have proper transcripts. And I’m not willing to take the chance that unschooling might be enough for what she wants to do with her life.
Now, perhaps she changes her mind and ends up being a lifeguard on a South Carolina beach. Okay! That’s not a problem, but just in case she ends up in Jamaica running her own Lutheran grade school… I want to have crossed all the T’s and dotted every I.

what we need to do

Now onto the second truth.
I have great support from a few close friends, support for our choices, our decisions, our family. They love us foibles and all. But what I find in the unschooling community (local as well as online) there is seemingly a lack of Christian Unschoolers. The day I sat on my porch with a person I thought was a great friend and she told me that she could “overlook” my Christianity, was the day I received a punch in the gut.
Overlooking is nowhere near accepting.
It was a real wake up call. Was I down-playing my faith? Were my kids expected to deny Christ for the sake of friends? Oh wow.
Suddenly I found myself in my own uncharted territory, and I had led all of us there.
Shortly after that day came another where we were all out of sync, and another, and still more, until I finally hit a wall. This was no longer working for us. I stopped then and there and redirected the kids. Gave them some structure, talked with my husband, and started again.
As I mentioned in the first post, seven years ago we were here… using Ambleside, a similar schedule. So what’s different? Well, I am a much calmer and more gentle mom. I understand exactly what it means to love my kids.
And I know that I want to be what God fully intends for me to be, not someone who is only partially accepted. And I want that for my kids as well.



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6 responses to “our ever-changing homeschool pt 3

  1. Katrina

    I feel that this journey has been a good one for you and your family, because God is talking to you and your listening. Blessings, Katrina

  2. I know exactly what you mean. πŸ˜‰

    You’re doing what’s right and good by your family and your faith. It’s impossible to build a foundation for your life when you’re trying to live among those who don’t accept you exactly as you are, for exactly who you are, which includes all that you love and revere.

    It takes courage to try different things. It takes wisdom to listen to your own heart. You’re a wise mama.

  3. hjdong

    Wow. Hard to believe someone could say that. And how would she respond if you said you could overlook her not being a Christian?

    I read a blog article about this recently. Stumbled on it randomly, searching for scheduling advice actually. Don’t know that I agree with all of it but here it is http://www.justenoughblog.com/?p=1631 . #4 in particular addresses some of what you’re talking about, in a more general way.

  4. Wow. What a thing for someone to say to you. I will be mulling that over for awhile.

    I enjoyed reading your post, Kristin. I have a friend who unschooled and have children doing very well in college, but it seems to me to unschool properly is a very rigorous endeaver on the part of mom and her students, especially as the students get older.

    I have not surfed the online unschooling communities so I have no idea what is out there but I know I have tried to be more delight-directed in the past and my children do not respond well to it as a way of full time education. And I found that to be diligent to educating that way (as opposed to not educating at all and leaving a child to his own devices) takes a lot of time and energy. For hobbies and interemittent passions it has worked well for us.

    My children have told me that they don’t want the burden of being the ones directing what they learn. I’ve wondered if I went wrong somewhere by not infusing them with a passion to learn …but I realized that they do have that passion they just want it decided for them and for me to unschool I simply cannot do it well and do everything else I feel called to do. I have to remind myself that my children are who they are by God’s design and so am I.

    Kinda went off on a bunny trail…. πŸ˜€ God bless you in your educational endeavers!!!

  5. K~ I am proud of you…I wish you lived near me so you could come to our amazing CM and AO book club. We were in stitches of laughter last night, but we also had some wonderful “mini-narration camp” time.

    As for our own family, we have had years where the kids needed to independently follow most of their own work, but we did at least have a basic plan of things to accomplish. Probably the closest thing to Christian unschooling that I can allow, especially with a hubby who is a high school English/American Lit teacher and head of his English Dept!! That certainly has helped keep me accountable, although he has been VERY open to a more relaxed lifestyle (not lazy, but very relaxed). He has supported it because he really sees the benefits, as well as the possible drawbacks.


    Well-said, my friend. I am proud of your children for being kindly honest, and proud of you at your ability to balance and have ‘synchronicity’ between scheduled and unscheduled. That has always been my passion for our homeschool, as well.

    Hugs to you both, and God bless your families richly!

  6. Kristin,

    Our daughter is looking toward teaching, as well. She started taking cc classes during her senior year and is taking 12 hours now that she is an official freshman. She is enjoying it more than she ever thought she would! She is living on her own, but with a community of friends who are renting several houses in our urban area. She has the benefit of learning to live with a room mate, juggling school and work and study schedules, etc.

    It was more difficult to watch her fly the nest than it was our oldest, probably because he is a guy and is so headstrong; seeming more confident to handle the challenges that come with living independently of mom and dad.


    I enjoyed reading what you call your bunny trail πŸ™‚

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