our ever-changing homeschool pt 2

Since I haven’t been blogging very much, our decision to turn away from unschooling seems a bit sudden. I haven’t shared my thought process here, which is funny because one would think that by unschooling I would have tons of time to blog! (I will say that my house was much tidier last year!!) .
Let me back up a bit.

First of all.. we really did love our year off! And please know that these are choices our family made, only reflective of us. I’m not anti-unschooling, or pro “school at home”…seriously ~ one size doesn’t fit all.
unschooling 08
As I remember back to last year, during the autumn months we did a lot of exploring around our town. This is the riverfront in another little town nearby. The kids love to go “beach combing” here. There is also an old country store nearby with lots of candies and soda, perfect!
unschooling 08. 4
We started a little art group & visited each artist in the book, Artist to Artist We met every Tuesday afternoon, had a snack while I read from one of the books by the featured artist, and then I usually showed them one or two techniques used, and let them have a go.
My idea was to provide them with the tools & let them explore. It worked really well and we had some very talented kiddos in our group!
The group has changed a bit, and while I don’t think we will be meeting as regularly, we have some plans in the works!
Somethings that didn’t change last year were music lessons, and with all three kids in lessons that’s a chunk of time (as well as practice). But one thing I found during our unschooling year was that it was extremely hard to find practice time. More than once we had a lesson without having practiced before hand. Not the end of the world right? BUT when I was sitting there listening to my child struggle through their practice, I *knew* it was my fault for not setting that time aside. They were unprepared and going through a lot of frustration that could have been avoided.
This year the little guys start every morning with practice (Lu at 9, Park at 9:30), which works great. They have time to play when they first get up(downstairs, so Grace gets a chance to sleep in), as well as enough time to have breakfast and get ready for the day.
Grace practices while I’m making lunch at noon. We eat everyday, no meals missed here, so no missed practices either! And in turn, no anxiety riddled or teary lessons.



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3 responses to “our ever-changing homeschool pt 2

  1. 3kinder

    pt. 3 to come… 🙂

  2. hjdong

    Oh, I hope I didn’t sound judgemental. I tried so hard not to. I don’t even unschool. I’m firmly in the “whatever works camp,” from school school to unschool. And, in this journey, I have learned not say say, “‘I’ll never . . .” 🙂

    Although, I will say, I’m a scheduler (and even more so, James is schedule driven), so I get the practice issue. That would happen here as well.

    • 3kinder

      I didn’t feel you were judgemental at all ~ I just thought your comment was probably what several people thought & that by sharing a bit about the process maybe I would be able to help someone else.

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