Our ever-changing homeschool

best reading spot!

best reading spot!

School has resumed in our teeming metropolis, not only for the public school system but for our family’s school system too.
We took an entire year off last year, dove head first into unschooling and completely enjoyed it!
Yet, at the end of the traditional school year, I still found myself anxious, worried, unsure if it was enough to unschool.
In the end, after much discussion between my husband, Grace & I, we choose to go back to a regular schooling routine for this year. We’re back to Ambleside, back to a Charlotte Mason approach ~ which we began with at least seven years ago.
Thankfully, the kids never batted an eye. We had all the books for Lucy from when Grace was her age, and she is enjoying them. She really loves The Burgess Amimal Book for Children. Grace’s books we all ordered from Amazon, though you could we could find many of them at the library (I don’t want to mess with due dates, and fees…). We did get one from the library ~ The Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton, and this is one we are reading together. It’s a fasinating read of his adventures! We should be tracking his journey on a map, but haven’t started that yet. Instead we are embracing his audacity!
Parker is once again along for the ride, sitting in on the read alouds, plowing through his own beginning reader, playing math games with us, keeping a copywork journal too, but yet plenty of playtime.
Just as it should be.



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2 responses to “Our ever-changing homeschool

  1. hjdong

    Wow. I’m really surprised. But wishing you the best of course. Not doubting you at all you understand. Just, ‘oh, I didn’t see that coming,’ surprised.

    Have fun!

    • 3kinder

      Sure, since I haven’t been blogging much it probably is a surprise. We really did have a wonderful year of unschooling and we very well might visit it again… but there were several occasions during the year that made me question if unschooling was right for us for the long haul. Perhaps there will be an “our everchanging homeschool” post 2. 🙂

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