Dos & Don’ts of Homeschooling

Lucy letterboxing

Do ~
Love your child.

Realize their interests.

Play games.

Read aloud.

Write them notes.

Teach phonics.

Take advantage of
learning moments.


may 150

Don’t ~
Allow discipline to rule your family.

Ignore them.

Expect them to like to read if they don’t.

Get hung up on spelling.

Try 50 million curriculums.

Forget to have fun!

I have been homeschooling for almost 7 years. (IF you count preschool and you know we all want to!)

This is what I have learned
~ We get too caught up in what other hsers are doing.
~We are suckers for comparing!
~We think we must buy and try everything out there
~ hsing curricula has become a market!! (or is that a racket?!?!)


 * I wrote this list three years ago, and I have to say that I haven’t changed my mind about it. Well, maybe the do about phonics…  that is still up for debate. I think two of my kids might learn better with whole words.

So what about you? What would you add to the list? I’m curious to read your list!!

And I know I have not added any pictures or details from Grace’s mission trip to Jamaica! It’s coming though, along with an interview. Suffice to say, they had a truly blessed experience, and I thank you for your prayers, good wishes and support for this adventure for her.




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4 responses to “Dos & Don’ts of Homeschooling

  1. ps

    Here are a few more do’s: Play Bananagrams. And Runescape. And Guitar Hero. And Go Fish. And poker. And badminton. And Frisbee. And (if your crew is big enough) baseball…

    I know you already have “games,” but one little word for the wealth of pleasure and delight and engagement that games represent didn’t seem nearly enough!

    Oh, and spend lots of time outside. LOTS of time.

    xox, ps

  2. hjdong

    I will say I disagree about the phonics. Prehaps not to totally ignore, but hsers seem to worship it. James is much more of a whole worder. I’m amazed at how he sucks in words and remembers them. His sounding out skills, hmm, not so much.

    Be patient. Whatever it is, you can’t force it.

    Follow the “Love your child,” really follow it, without letting the day’s curricula, or your goals and aspriations get in the way, and you’ll do o.k.

  3. Great list of do’s and don’ts.

    I second the first comment re: getting outside every day ~ and I would add some creative pursuit like painting, sculpture, building, cartooning, etc. to my to do list.

  4. 3kinder

    Thank you for expanding the lists!! Of course, be creative.. how did that get missed?
    Outside every day.. yes yes yes..I forget to make that a priority, the kids usually remind me.
    Be Patient. just the words I needed.

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