needing coffee.. new adventures…time to reflect

It’s just one of those mornings where I feel like I’m in need. Do you have those? So many things tumbling around in my head, I just need to do something different.
Do I need a change? Maybe a shift is around the corner and I’m sensing that. I do need some coffee, and maybe the little ones and I will take a road trip today. It’s Superman Days in Metropolis IL this weekend (2 hours away) maybe we’ll jump in the car and go.
Jonathan & Grace come home from Jamaica in two days. It has been such a weird week with them gone, and I just can’t wait to get them home again.

 So tell me, what do you do when you feel antsy like this? Do you get antsy? Are there times when you know you need a change, but not sure where to go with that feeling? Or is it really just about the coffee…. I wonder.



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5 responses to “needing coffee.. new adventures…time to reflect

  1. emily

    If I am antsy I clean.. if you come to my house you will notice I haven’t been antsy in awhile…
    the coffee I’m not sure.. will you have some on Mon, cause it does sound good!!?? 😉

  2. OH yeah! I know that feeling. I get it for a few days in a row sometimes. Road trips help bunches. I re-arrange furniture too. Or I invite friends over and just get really mellow.

    Glad to know that I am not alone. I think most of us feel this way sometimes. Just don’t think it’s OK to be needy.

  3. 3kinder

    Thank you so much for sharing what you do! I’m all about having friends over and being mellow. That’s a great reminder!
    We did end up going to Superman days, which was so fun for the three of us! We hadn’t done anything like that before.
    I also realized that I was very dehydrated!!
    I just wasn’t drinking enough water & was having major headaches and not sleeping well.
    I felt much better once I realized that.

  4. sometimes, when i get that feeling, it’s related to my creativity. like restless creative energy. it usually helps when i begin a new project or take on some big task with the kids like building a fort. superman days sound like a blast!

  5. It is about the coffee! I love my coffee and the connections I have made because of the Heavenly Brew! My friends and I gather together after we finish singing at a local retirement village every third Sunday. Of course our time is short…choir practice and praise team sound checks before services that evening fill our Sunday schedule. But we make the most of our time together.
    Peach State

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